Copper: Materials We Work With

Copper Sheet Metal

Copper: Materials We Work With

Did you know we laser cut and fabricate copper?¹ We’re one of only a handful of local fabricators who work with copper and offer full service from design to manufacture and delivery.

What are the Properties of Copper?

Copper and copper alloys are some of the most versatile metals we work with. Copper is used for myriad applications across all types of industry.

The highly reflective surface of copper requires specialist laser cutting equipment, such as our Baykal BLS-NEO to work with large copper sheet sizes of up to 4000mm x 2000mm.

Copper is soft, malleable and ductile with high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is an excellent choice of metal for transferring heat and for marine applications.

Due to it’s resistance to rust, copper is commonly used for pipes and hydraulic systems.

Common uses

Copper is a versatile metal and is ideal for use in:

  • Architecture
  • Electrical components
  • Wires
  • Pipes and hydraulics, and more.

Common fabrication techniques

Copper fabrication requires specialist tools and machinery and a highly experienced operator to produce the work safely and efficiently whilst retaining the integrity of the material. Below is a list of common copper fabrication methods:

Common Alloys

Common copper alloys include:

How we handle and store copper

Our handling and storage of copper is similar to that of aluminium and stainless steel. Cleanliness is of uppermost importance to ensure the copper does not become contaminated. Contaminated copper can cause a decrease in corrosion resistance, weakness, cracking or porosity during treatments like welding. All our metal fabrication equipment is also kept clean to avoid cross contamination.

Our capabilities

  • Fibre Laser Cut thicknesses of copper up to 6mm
  • Sheet sizes up to 4000mm x 2000mm


If you’d like to learn more about our copper fabrication services, please contact our knowledgeable sales team who can take your copper project from modelling and design, to completion and delivery. Call us on (02) 9525 2177.