Fibre Laser Cutting & Metal Bending

Fibre Laser Cutting and Bending equipment in our Sydney workshop

Fibre Laser Cutting & Metal Bending

Alumac Industries is home to a cutting edge range of metal fabrication equipment. We offer full service metal fabrication from our convenient Southern Sydney location, with a focus on:

  • High performance
  • High productivity
  • Precision quality

Learn more about our latest equipment and capabilities below.

Fibre Laser: Baykal BLS-NEO

Fibre laser cutterOur Baykal BLS-NEO Fibre Laser cutterยน is equipped with a high power 4kW laser that can cut through up to 20mm thick mild steel with a burr-free edge.

The new laser equipment is capable of cutting and folding a large sheet size of 4m x 2m (4000mm x 2000mm) giving you the flexibility to deliver projects cut and folded from a single sheet, no joins required.

The European-based Baykal manufactures some of the world’s finest laser cutting systems, and are known for producing high-powered, high-accuracy efficient and safe laser systems.

Our high flexibility and high performance equipment offers you a premium and cost effective service. With our convenient South Sydney location, we can offer project management from brief, to design, followed by fabrication and delivery.

CNC Press Brake: Amada HG1303

CNC Press Brake metal fabrication machinery in our Sydney WorkshopOur Amada HG1303 CNC Press Brake can handle an extensive range of material thicknesses and sheet sizes up to 3000mm.

The Amada offers multi-stage bending via CAM software for CNC machining, allowing it to bend a wide variety of shapes. The software offers the benefit of intelligent, interactive and integrated control that requires reduced communication, meaning each job is completed in the most efficient way.

We deliver a full complement of tooling to suit almost any application including crush folding and radius forming, all in-house.

CNC Press Brake: ErmaksAn Speed Bend Pro 4100

Ermaksan CNC Press Brake with Sheet MetalThe Ermaksen Synchronised Hydraulic Press Brake’s main benefits are speed and accuracy. Both of which reduce precious fabrication time, saving costs. The operating speeds offer two times faster production than regular CNC press brakes.

The key benefits are:

  • 4000mm Bend Length Capacity
  • High Bending Speed
  • High Return Speed
  • High quality and repetitive bending is achieved using synchronised cylinders and valves.

Our people

Our high performance metal fabrication and robotic equipment is controlled by our team of highly skilled and specialist metal tradespeople. From design to production, finishing and delivery, our team have been servicing the Sydney region, with expertise, for more than 40 years.

You can rely on our team to deliver your metal project work on time and to the highest standard.